Yvana Samandova and Borjan Zarevski for HearteartH
In practice and artistic creation there is an interesting relationship between chance, accident, a particular variation of the accident, that is to say the clinamen, intentionality to create a work of art and the desire to control, to control the process of creation, as well as to demonstrate his own mastery of this process, to make it manifest. For us, the concept of dialectics is clinamen conclusion of the tension between chance and control. In every thought, there is a little aberration, perhaps a necessary imperfection or inflection, however, that organizes and disrupts everything. The clinamen is much more than a chance or an opportunity.

Georges Perec defines the clinamen : "We have a word for freedom, which is called clinamen, which is the variation that is subjected to a constraint..." we can "practice" the clinamen as a constraint pre voluntarily by an idea or a work that is successful, that we may decline.

Declinated continuum of "read my fingertips", portable art 01 - portable fingertips" and "drowned by fingertips".

"Don't paint with your hands" By: Yvana Samandova and Borjan Zarevski as elements of bARuT.