Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica for HearteartH
It is in the Air for You and Me :: No More

05:15 in progress
visual : svonica
music : jumbo pimp 'The Process of Escape' - from the album: We Escape From This Story at Dawn

"Is in the air for you and me" is the bitter jingle belonging to the Kraftwerk's piece "Radioactivity" including morse code signals, that piece is referred to the nuclear disasters till the latest of Fukushima.
Butterflies are witnesses and not just, also Oceans and its inhabitants, and us.
Nothing new here is said, it is just a shared painful observation concerning our life on this planet.
How many times our eyes have enjoyed a sudden flight of a butterfly?
How many times our body felt a vibrating caress from the sea?
... I'm just saying, and trying not to forget.
Featuring a detail from 'The Garden Of Delight' by H. Bosch