B K for HearteartH
The earth has various aspects of beauty as well as of variety in its sound. Its pitch is on the surface, its form is crescent-like, and its color is yellow. The sound of the earth is dim and dull, and produces a thrill, activity and movement in the body. All instruments of wire and gut, as well as the instruments of percussion - such as the drum, cymbals, etc. - represent the sound of earth.
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

This piece is a meditation on the nature of music and its relationship with the universal life-force. It is another chapter excerpted from my up coming new media installation, more on that soon. Here again try to share some of my synaesthetic experience of sound and vision - I want you to see music and hear images, like I do.

Taking inspiration from the great mystical Sufi tradition, I have co-opted some Sufi sounds and symbology. Huwa features prominently, and the soundscape is enriched with Sufi chants, singing, and some instrumental music. I hope I have not caused offence through this appropriation. I have also applied some mathematics, like those developed by Fourier, to try to show the relationship between audible and visible waves.